Ultimate Guide To Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy is a game of glory where you are the commander of an army of stick men; it includes miners, swordsmen, archers, mages, spear carriers, and more. It’s a strategy game in real time that challenges you to lead a stick-figure army in thrilling battles against enemies. And you need to improve your units, collect resources, and attack ruthlessly on the battlefield.

In this article, we will let you know about our Stick War Legacy tips, tricks, and strategies. We also have added some basic concepts for beginners which may help you as all. So without making any delay let’s take a look at the following :

 1. Gold should be your first priority

You should always keep gold your first priority. Make your focus to realize more and more gold and for that, you would like to make more miners bring gold to your coffers. Try keeping one additional miner initially then increase it with each level. This increases the likelihood of a simple flow of gold.

2 When do you have to continue the attack

.Users often make the error of sending two to 3 club men to destroy the statue of the enemy. you ought to instead wait until you create twelve to thirteen units. In many cases, the enemy sends his stick men and you attend to play in defense if you form these units before then you’ll send them to destroy the statue.

3. Maintain your balance formation

You should always have a balanced formation. Keep a couple of soldiers within the front et al. within the back. The soldiers ahead can destroy the enemy units whereas soldiers within the back row can stay safe from the attacks and obtain action when needed.

4. Retreat When melee warriors are almost Depleted

Now, you’ll be ready to get an honest crack at the enemy statue during your first attack. But eventually, you’ll notice that your melee fighters are dwindling, naturally taken out by enemy melee units or their Castle Archers. Once that happens, don’t stick it out there and check out damaging the statue a touch more. Retreat back to your castle, and while doing that, train more units to replenish your lost men. The last item you would like is for the enemy to require a crack at your ranged units; these units, after all, are costlier and take longer to coach than your basic melee fighters!

5. Never forget to watch ad video after winning a level 

You should always play the game keeping the internet on. After each level, an advertisement comes up which is irritating but you can win free gems if you watch the full video. These gems will definitely help you to win the game and you can also buy spells easily.

6. What do you have to Upgrade At The Armory?

Never ever forget to upgrade your points at each level. The more you upgrade the more points you earn which will ultimately help to improve your units.

7.Try the Stick War Legacy Cheat option

You may consider using Stick War Legacy Hack so that you get all the features like getting free coins or gems and play smoothly. There may be a lot of websites that provide cheats of games. Make sure you do find a reliable hack or you might end up in a trap.  

These would be our best tips and tricks for you. Make sure to see us back, as we’ll share more tips for various games in the near future!

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