Strategies To Get Gems And Money In Stick War Legacy

. Stick War is the most challenging yet fun-filled and entertaining game. If you have ever dreamt of becoming a commander of an army and leading them to war and captivate your enemies’ territory then this is the right game for you.

 In a nutshell, you’re the commander and your goal in each mission is to destroy the enemy statue in order to win or to defend your own castle against the enemy’s attacks and you all have to do it while capturing more territories and unlocking more units. Now, let’s go straight to our Stick War Legacy tips, tricks, and strategies which is a proper guide for beginner players.

Don’t Overspend Or Use Your Spell On Them Foolishly

As we said, the gems you earn in the game can be used to buy spells at the in-game store. However, it would be best to save your gems for the more expensive spells that can help you later on in the game, and only spend them on the cheaper ones, such as Miner Gold Rush, which makes your miners work twice as fast for 30 seconds, or Swordwrath Rage, which doubles your Sword Wreaths’ attack speed for 20 seconds.

 Have about one or two of those, then save your gems for the expensive spells that cost in the hundreds of gems. And don’t use them willy-nilly once in battle; for example, Miner Gold Rush is best used not at the start of a level, but when you’re out of gold and need to coach some units ASAP to protect against an incoming enemy attack.

Know About The Importance of currency & Earn It Your Way

There are two main currencies in the game that are Resources. The more Resources you have with you in Stick War Legacy the more it becomes easy for you to go far in it. Gems allow gamers to purchase perks from the shop. And after the Endless Deads update, it also can be used to purchase skins.It is essential for gamers to earn an honest amount of currency. The best way to earn currency is by completing missions. But there are other ways like watching ads after completing a mission. But from a better perspective, you may consider using a cheating option.

Try the Stick War Cheat

 The advantage of this method that you can purchase for the strongest fighter and be a master. To play without expectations and obtain or unlock all items within the game, you’ll need a premium game’s currency. It is sold for real money within the sports store and using Stick War Legacy Cheats, you’ll save plenty of cash and time. Free purchases allow you to require a vast number of resources, without obtaining root or jailbreak rights. But you have to make sure yourself that you may not fall into a trap.

Take the control and be the best of you

Take as much control as possible over a minor and mines. Buy as many words as possible at the start of the level. Get as many words as possible. Take one of them and kill all the minions that the magician sends you (I said they are weak) and kill the wizard. You can be knocked down multiple times and you have to control a new fire sword, but eventually, you reach the hostile image. Kill all the miners and attack the statue with the help of your reserve.

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